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Come join us if you are living with chronic illness, rare disease, long COVID, or are still undiagnosed. You are NOT alone!

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Chronic Warriors Org, inc. is our non-profit arm that handles all the fundraising in order to keep our programs free for all of our amazing illness warriors!  They fundraise, apply for grants, partner with companies and organizations and work hard to keep our Collective growing! Check them out and shout out some love and gratitude. We couldn’t operate these programs without them!

Warrior Stories

From Patient to Scientist

From Patient to Scientist

When I was little I always seemed to have problems with my joints, I would be in and out of PT all throughout my high school years. We knew I was hyper mobile because my shoulder would always dislocate. My doctors really didn’t think anything of it, and my life was...

My fight to keep going

Hi my name is Elizabeth and I struggle with chronic illnesses. One of my hardest things with my illnesses are that they are invisible. In school I have to use the elevator due the my illnesses sometimes I will take the stairs. Kids will always say you're faking it,...

Alex’s Journey For A Disgnosis

Alex’s Journey For A Disgnosis

Hi! My name is Alex (or Al), I’m 19, and I use he/him pronouns. I have been fighting against progressive, chronic, undiagnosed symptoms most of my life, but only within the past two years did things really take a turn for the worse. For starters, growing up I really...

Latest from the Blog

Doing well?!

Doing well?!

For the past couple weeks, I have still been getting used to my new job. It’s slowly becoming a routine for me now.  I personally cannot believe that overall, I have only had two days where I felt pretty badly since beginning this job. I  had no idea just how much the...

Something New

Something New

This past week was bittersweet for me. I worked my last day at my job on Friday, and this upcoming Tuesday, I  begin my new job. I have managed to overdo it already though, and I am grateful I have Monday off to rest. I’ve  been pretty sore the past couple...

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