2022 Card Swap Survey Results

February 28, 2022

THANK YOU to all! We received lots of great feedback and suggestions! 🎉

In response to your input: 

  1. The Card Swap will continue to be a MONTLY event so that each of you can choose the months you wish to participate.

  2. We ask is that you please click in the emails on the 1st of each month to let us know if you are IN or OUT to participate that month. This also give our emails the best chance at getting through to you each month.

  3. The Yikes Crew will continue to be your back up and send out cards whenever life/health prevent you from getting a card out to your match. Reminder to please hit the Yikes button by the 10th so that your match receives a card! (You can always send your own card out to your match whenever you are up for it.)

  4. For those who expressed interest in joining the Yikes Crew, you can check it out here: https://chronicwarriorcollective.com/extra-card-crew

  5. The reason the deadline is the 10th is to give all cards the best chance at arriving by the end of the month.  We know there are times that you might be a couple of days late sending your card, please just keep us updated so that we can update your match if needed.

  6. For those who expressed interest in having cards on hand to send out in a pinch, you can request a two-card pack for free here: https://chronicwarriors.org/request-card-pack

  7. As we did for February, each swap will have a theme to help inspire card design and messages. If you have a suggestion for themes, hit reply and let us know! 🙂

  8. An App: as most of you know, tech is our biggest challenge. We really need a custom-built WEB and MOBILE APP, but the cost is $35,000 – $50,000 so we continue to explore other options to facilitate the swap.

  9. Over 80% of you were excited at the prospect of a mobile app! We’ve hit a slight snag with the platform we had chosen, so it is still a work in progress with no set launch date. We will keep you updated…

  10. Our main reasons for wanting an app (mobile and/or web):
    •The ability for you to have a login and password with easy access to your information.
    •Push notifications instead of email that gets stuck in spam or lost in the sea of other emails.
    •All communication housed in one place.
    •Easy to Opt-in or out for the month.
    •Easy notification when your card has been mailed.
    •Easy acknowledgement of the receipt of your match information.
    •Notification when your card has been sent by your match.

Miscellaneous Notes from the comments received:

  • YOUR AGE: Many warriors requested to know the age of the person they are sending to. If you are ok to share your age, please update your FUN FACT to include it.
  • Religious Cards: We love that we are a very diverse group and have warriors with many different religious beliefs. It has been requested by multiple warriors that this be respected by the senders. Therefore, if you WANT to receive faith-based cards, please make a comment about your religious beliefs in your FUN FACT. 

For those who asked for graphics to share, post or text to friends, here you go! 🙂

Thanks again for all of your feedback and input! Cheers to lots of love and cheer going out this year!

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  1. Cathy Brenner

    My card came in the mail at the most perfect time and I loved. It.
    Thankyou! Hugs

    • Chronic Warrior Collective

      You are very welcome! We love it when the timing is perfect. 💙


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