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We offer unique partnership opportunities for brands and companies with products that serve the chronic illness community.  

Ready To Make an Impact?

Show your dedication to supporting accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in a fun environment!

Our Mission

We strive to bring together Chronic Warriors from across the globe, to eliminate the isolation of the chronic journey, create a SAFE space to connect with others who “get it”, and find purpose by helping others, so that they can feel validated and enjoy fun, fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our Community

Our Collective is a community of individuals that can connect through the internet from anywhere in the world.

Our Vision

To eliminate the isolation of chronic illness for warriors across the globe and give them a safe space to have fun again!

Current Opportunities

Sponsor Card Swap Event

Each month warriors from across the U.S. and around the globe send snail mail cards to encourage and uplift each other. As a sponsor, you can choose to be featured in multiple ways to best fit your marketing goals. 

Launch a Giveaway

Want to show off a new product or engage your brand with our community of incredible warriors? A giveaway is a fun way to do this! Contact us and let’s see how we can support your goals.

Host a Party

With monthly hangouts, birthday parties, card-making parties, movie-watching parties, online chats and more, we can find the perfect fit for your brand with our audience! 

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