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Here’s how it works: When you sign up for the card swap today, you will be added to our email list. Then, on the 1st of each month, you will receive an email giving you the choice to Opt-In or Opt-Out for that month’s Card Swap. Don’t worry, you will only need to fill in this form once – then, you can participate whenever your health permits. To date, we’ve had participants from 21 countries! We are so excited for you to join us!

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Thank you to Harper Family Charitable Foundation for supporting this month's Card Swap. Mr. Robert Harper and his generous foundation have played a huge role in supporting our vision and the ability to match thousands of warriors!

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What to say inside a card

What to say inside a card

We are often asked "What should I say inside the card I send to another warrior?" To answer, we asked some of our members to share images of cards swap cards they have sent or received. P.S. sending a digital card? Click here for the top digital card sites in 2020 per...

Non-Christmasy card ideas

Non-Christmasy card ideas

As we prepare for our big Christmas in July celebration, we realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas - or is comfortable sending a Christmas-themed card. So, we've put together a few ideas for cards you can create. Not crafty? No worries! There's no pressure...

Fun Facts: the CWC

Fun Facts: the CWC

We call them our DID YOU KNOW facts... Facts about the CWC & Card Swap The Chronic Warrior Collective offers lots of ways to connect to other chronic illness warriors (parent co.)Our baby phoenix mascot was created by Katrina of Kicking ConesWe have Warrior...

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