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What is the Card Swap?

The Card Swap is a free event where those who live with long-term illness, rare disease, paralysis, long COVID, or disability send “snail mail” or digital messages of hope and encouragement to one another. Participants will get two unique connections each swap – one to send TO and one to receive FROM. To date, we’ve had participants from 27 countries. Love cheering on a fellow warrior?! What are you waiting for?  Sign up today – the warrior card swap starts February 1st!


Meet our presenting


Thank you to Rare Patient Voice for being our presenting sponsor for the Holiday Card Swap. We love that RPV pays patients, parents, and family members for their input and expertise via surveys, studies and interviews. Click the link below to register! 

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Click here to view the slideshow + tips for how the card swap works.

When does the Card Swap start each month?

The Card Swap cycle starts on the 1st of each month.

Do I need to sign up each month?

You only need to register once then be on the lookout on the 1st of the month for your email where you can select to Opt In OR Opt Out depending upon whether you would like to participate that month.

When can I sign up for the Card Swap?

You need to REGISTER  by the end of the month for the next month’s swap then look for an email on the 1st day of the month to Opt-In for that month. 

When will I get my match?!

Match emails go out on the 5th of each month so be sure to watch for it!

How do I change my preferences?

You can update your choices how far your card will travel, your intentions with each card, and your holiday choices here

What are my options for matching with someone?

For the Holiday Season, we’ll be matching everyone to Brighten Someone’s Day! You’ll also have 2 possible connections each month – the person you send to and the person that sends to you!

Do I have to participate every month?

No! We know there may be times when you are unable to participate. On the 1st day of eachmonth, you’ll receive an email where you can choose to Opt In OR Opt Out for that month.

Do you have participants from all over the world?

We’ve had participants from 27 countries as of Fall 2021!

How much does the Card Swap cost?

The Card Swap is FREE to join! The only cost is postage and whatever you decide to spend a card if you select the snail mail option. 

What if I don’t want to do snail mail?

You may choose either the Digital or Snail Mail option.

How do I update my information?

You can update your info by filling out the Update Form here

Brain fog and forgetfulness happen to me a lot! What if I forget to send my card?

We get it! You will get a reminder to send your card out by the 10th of the month. 
However, we STRONGLY suggest setting recurring reminders on your phone for the following dates each month: 

          2nd: this will remind you to look for your email to Opt In or Opt Out!

          7th:  this will remind you to check your email for your MATCH sent to you on the 5th.

          10th: this will remind you that YOUR CARD SHOULD BE IN THE MAIL TODAY! 

I’d really like to make some friends! Will the Card Swap help with that?

While we are not specifically a pen pal program and cannot guarantee a friendship with your match, we can say that many swappers have made real life friends and regular pen pals!

What if I Opt In and can’t get out to get a card or stamp on time?

Be sure to have back up cards and postage on hand and you won’t have to worry or disappoint your match!


What if I have an emergency or become too ill to participate?

If it’s looking like you may have a problem sending a card, PLEASE Opt Out for that month by the 10th!! If this becomes apparent by the 2nd! If you’ve already selected Opt In and realize you won’t be able to send a card, please select the YIKES button ASAP so that you won’t be matched for that month or, if already matched, we can make arrangements for someone to send a card in your place.

Will I get a card every time I participate?

We can’t guarantee that you will receive a card each time you participate, but it is our HOPE that you will! We encourage you to focus on the giving and sending of a card to a fellow warrior, and if/when a card shows up, it will be your bonus surprise and delight!

I’m super excited to meet new people, but what if my match doesn’t write back?

It’s a bummer when card swappers have designated that they wish to make a friend/penpal! Please keep this in mind when you participate. Together, we can all make this a fabulous event!


Help. I don't see my Opt-in email or my match email.

Check your spam. Our emails sometimes get stuck there!

I’m confused about how the Card Swap works! Can you explain it?

Refer to this” How To” slideshow for more detailed information: Click here!

If I’m in the U.S., how do I format the address correctly if sending international mail?

Just follow this link to the: Address Formatting Tool!

Can I use a P.O. Box or does it have to be a street address?

Types of Cards Our Warriors Sending:

Hand written letter, your own artwork, a handmade card, a store-bought card, a download & print card, a postcard, or print one of our grab & go cards – anything goes! If you opt in, you are expected to send a card and not leave a warrior hanging OR to let us know so our extra card crew can cover it for you this time.

Are You The Artsy Type?

Go wild! Share your talent, whatever it may be. You can create something special that you know your match will love.

Handwritten Letters Are Perfect

Share a story, words of encouragement or motivation. You can uplift another Warrior in whatever way connects with you.

dolphin coloring card

Request Cards to Color

Not artistic but love creating? You can request a card pack and we’ll send cards for you to decorate and send out. Click here to request. Designs may vary.

Want to help fund the Card Swap?

Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue connecting illness warriors around the globe! 

Keep Up with the Card Swap!

2022 Card Swap Survey Results

2022 Card Swap Survey Results

THANK YOU to all! We received lots of great feedback and suggestions! 🎉 In response to your input:  The Card Swap will continue to be a MONTLY event so that each of you can choose the months you wish to participate.We ask is that you please click in the emails on the...

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