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Master zaydoo and corn snake

Master Zaydoo's Story


Age: 16-24

A little bit about my journey:

My Diagnosis

Celiac, hypoglycemia, Ehlers-Danlos, POT

Time to Get Diagnosed

I learned about Celiac after 9 years; the rest are undiagnosed but figured out in the recent two or three years.

Year I was Diagnosed


Sending Love to

Anyone at Nemours, really

Hospital I'd Recommend


This is my story:

I was very short as a child with thin hair and I was slightly malnourished because of my Celiac disease. I was diagnosed with it at the age of nine, and the diagnosis changed my life because I started to eat a gluten free diet that immediately thickened my hair and let me grow taller.
For Celiac disease, the villa in your intestines that absorb nutrients are destroyed by gluten. Because of this, I was not able to absorb all the nutrients I needed to survive, get thicker hair, and grow taller because the few nutrients I had were used for me to stay alive.
I require such a strict gluten free diet that I am also vegan — because if an animal has gluten and I have that animal or a product of that animal, I have gluten. I enjoy being vegan and being gluten free and vegan has allowed me to explore new foods and be incredibly healthy. I am looking forward to connecting to future warriors!

Let’s play 20 questions:

The song that keeps me going is:
Battle Symphony
I never leave home without my:
Cocked hat (tricorn)
My go-to feel better movie is: 
If I was in the hospital, the celebrity I would most love to visit me would be:
I don't care about celebrities; I just want Dr. Loomis, the best teacher ever, to visit me.
When I need to relax, I:
Write my book series
My favorite food is:
The quote that keeps me going is:
"Never change, Zayda, never change." ~Mr. Karnitz
When I need a laugh, I:
Play with my sister
Meet my pets (or favorite stuffed animal):
Cumin, my one-year-old corn snake
My hero is:
James Madison, Frederick Douglass, Calvin Coolidge, and my mom
When I’m having a down day I binge watch:
Studio C videos
My favorite book to get lost in is:
My biographies of presidents, like Team of Rivals
I want to be best friends with:
I don't care about that; I just want to be best friends with Belen and Kathryn from my school, who I want to know better.
The thing I’m most proud of:
The most wonderfully unexpected thing that has happened to me as a result of this journey is:
I have learned a lot about food in society
The most hilarious thing that has happened to me is:
One time in a clothing store, a cashier asked if I liked the show "Shake it Up," and I had not watched it, but I said yes anyway and she gave me a sticker for it. I had the sticker on my desk for close to ten years and never knew who the people were on it. I just had a sticker on my desk with two random girls on it.
It really means a lot when someone does this:
Texts me
My favorite social media account to follow is:
I don't like social media, or have it. I don't like being on my phone.
The advice I would give to myself back at the beginning of this journey would be:
Get tested earlier! Don't wait nine years!
Words of encouragement that I’d give to my fellow warriors are
You are great the way you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Follow my journey: I don't have one

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