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Why Coaching?

Does your chronically ill teen or young adult child have the desire to be more independent, struggle with balancing school or work, or lack the confidence to deal with some of the challenges and rites of passage that most peers their age experience? Have you tried to seek help with other professionals who just don’t “get” the chronic illness factor or how it changes everything? If so, we’re here to help! 

Common Concerns for Coaching:

  • Transition from High School to College
  • Transition to Living Independently
  • Job Possibilities & Work Life
  • Who to Tell & How Much
  • Dating & Friendships
  • Managing Self Care
  • Worries About What Others Think
  • Shifting Goals & Dreams

Wondering if coaching is right for you?

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Coaching Options:

Together, we can make fabulous progress via phone or zoom sessions.

For the Warrior

One-on-One Assistance

We’ll chat about your concerns, explore possible strategies to support your goals, and come up with a doable and realistic action plan to get you started. We will problem-solve by setting achievable goals that, when accomplished successfully, will build greater self esteem, greater independence, greater understanding, and/or a beginning toward achieving larger, longer-term goals.


For the Parent

Help for the exasperated, overwhelmed parent!


Our individual coaching sessions for the parent are available with similar topics as listed above, but we’ll explore them from the parent’s perspective so that you can help your child thrive.

For the Family

 Family communication and problem-solving

Similar to Individual coaching, but, in this case we will focus on a particular problem you are trying to resolve such as managing medical needs independently, driving, sleepovers, and more.  Family Coaching involves working together to create specific, achievable goals, that, when successfully accomplished, result in reaching a desired outcome. We will create a customized agenda as the number of hours needed may vary.
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Problem-solving together
(coming soon)

Small group discussions facilitated by the coach focused on a particular topic.
For example:
*College Life
*Wheelchair Use/Accommodations


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Coach On-Call

In the Moment
$25 for 30 min.

A great way to connect with a coach either in between sessions or for just a quick bit of support in real-time. Grab an on-call slot when:

* When You Really Need to Vent
* Small Problem with School/Work
* Heading Into Doc Appointment
* Process Through Conflicting Ideas
* Encouragement & Support


Please Note: each session is approximately 50 minutes long with the exception of Family Coaching and Coach On-Call.

Meet your coach


Denise Archilla, MSW, is a former Pediatric Clinical Social Worker, Chronic Illness Coach, Fellow Warrior, and Mom of 2 Young Adult Warriors. She founded the Chronic Warrior Society in 2015. Her passion is coaching teen and young adult warriors and helping them build confidence, shift their dreams, and reach new goals despite chronic illness.

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Words from our Warriors.

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Denise always steers me in the right direction!

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I love problem-solving with Denise.



I did it! I got my driver’s license!

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Denise is my secret weapon at work.

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Denise always has the words I need to hear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chronic illness coaching?

Chronic illness coaching is a non-clinical approach to navigating life with chronic illness through problem-solving, brainstorming solutions, redirecting, and support. It is not meant to be a replacement for mental health counseling or therapy. 

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Take our Survey and find out more!

Who can apply for coaching?

Our coaching programs are for chronically ill teens, young adults, parents, siblings, or other close family or friends wanting to work on problem-solving around the effects of chronic illness.

Do you take insurance?

No, unfortunately, insurance plans do not cover coaching at this time. But, thanks to a grant from, we are able to offer our sessions at a low rate.

I have a therapist that I see regularly. Should I still consider doing coaching?

Coaching can be an excellent supplement to clinical counseling. Coaches are also happy to speak with your therapist and work as part of your team.

How many sessions will I need? How often can I work with a coach?

The number of sessions needed will depend on the issues being addressed. However, to be most effective, we typically recommend a minimum of 4 to as many as 12  sessions for Individual/Parent and Family Coaching. As long as you find it beneficial, you may work with a coach as often as you’d like.

How available will a chronic illness coach be?

This depends on the issues to be addressed and how much work you’d like to do. You may either choose from a standard 24-hour response time or a Coach On-Call option. The latter entails appointments which can be scheduled as late as one hour prior to appointments (assuming availability) for brief review work and more urgent appointments. 

Do you work with specific illness groups?

At this time, our group coaching sessions are geared toward common issues that arise for teens, young adults, and their families around all types of chronic illness and rare disease. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to explore additional options.

How do we “meet”?

All meetings are done via (or other live platform) or phone call.

How do I download zoom and can I do it from my mobile device?

You can go to on your laptop or computer and download the app. You may also use their app on your phone/mobile device. One of the reasons we use Zoom is because it’s super easy and user friendly.

Do you coach non-verbal clients / teens with a trach?

Yes! We’ve coached a number of warriors that need to utilize the chat bar in Zoom. Please reach out to us to discuss special accommodations prior to booking a session.

Do you coach tweens or younger?

We are happy to work with tweens! However, if your child is under 13, we suggest joining a Parent/Teen Group Coaching Session. For Individual Coaching, we can discuss whether coaching is right for your younger teen prior to booking a session.

Will you tell my parent/s what I say in session?

For teens and tweens under the age of 18, parental consent is required. We will keep the information discussed in our sessions confidential. However, we are mandated to report any concerns of self harm or harm to others as is appropriate and required by law.

Do I need to bring anything for coaching sessions?

It’s always a great idea to have pen and paper for note taking. Your coach will also take notes and may email you with follow up information.

Can I meet my coach before I book an appointment?

Yes, you can schedule a 10 min introductory call here.

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