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crush that chronic lifestyle!

Who Needs a Coach?

Everyone has a life coach these days, but trying to find one that gets the unpredictiblity of YOUR life with a long-term illness or rare disease can be impossible!


Let’s create a plan to help you THRIVE!

  • Self advocacy
  • Accomodations for school/work
  • Roommates/Friends/Dating/Family
  • Medical compliance/Management
  • Unexpected medical interruptions
  • and much more!

Wondering if coaching is right for you?

Take our quiz and find out!



Denise Archilla, MSW, is a former Pediatric Clinical Social Worker, Chronic Illness Coach, Fellow Warrior, and Mom of 2 Young Adult Warriors. She founded the Chronic Warrior Society in 2015. Her passion is coaching teen and young adult warriors and helping them build confidence, shift their dreams, and reach new goals despite chronic illness.
She’s excited to be expanding her coaching team starting Summer 2021.

Headshot of Denise, co-founder of the Chronic Warrior Collective


Words from our Warriors.

Caroline EDS warrior


Denise always steers me in the right direction!

katie and bunny


I love problem-solving with Denise.



I did it! I got my driver’s license!

carmi EDS warrior


Denise is my secret weapon at work.

Angelica_spoonie warrior


Denise always has the words I need to hear.

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