April 26, 2021

Be able to go to college is a real blessing. Is the dream of many people to be able to move forward
towards the future but also, have the opportunity to interact and socialize with others. However, not
everyone out there is the same.

To everyone that does not know me, my name is Adriel and I have right hemiparesis which is basically weakness in the right side of my body. This was caused by lack of oxygen when I was born. The doctors said that I was not going to be able to walk or do many things, but I guess they were wrong because God had bigger plans for me.

Well, I start by saying that I can walk normally and do things like other kids, but I do have a weakness
that affect my right hand. My mom always tells me that I could do anything I want to do in life and I
know this is true, I just have to do some things a little differently.
Now, one of the things that nobody told me how to do was socialize ☹ Yes, I have really hard time socializing specially with people my age. So, that being said, I am a little anxious about what to expect when I go to college. Everyone keep saying that
college is different from high school but…How different? Is it good, is it better, will I be able to meet
new people, make new friends? will they look at me for who I am?
All these questions come to my head every day and to be honest, I do not have an answer yet. The only thing I know is that I have this great opportunity and that I will overcome all the obstacles because I have a purpose in life that I know is Great!

Come along with me as I graduate and get ready for my college experience…

By Adriel. You can read his story here.

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