Fun Facts: the CWC

Did you know facts

June 7, 2020

We call them our DID YOU KNOW facts…

Facts about the CWC & Card Swap

  • The Chronic Warrior Collective offers lots of ways to connect to other chronic illness warriors (parent co.)
  • Our baby phoenix mascot was created by Katrina of Kicking Cones
  • We have Warrior Stories (tag a warrior to share their story)
  • We have Animal Stories  (tag a warrior to share their story)
  • We have an Angel Crew page
  • We welcome guest Blog posts
  • The Card Swap is Always free
  • You only need to register once
  • You need to sign up by the end of the month for the next month’s swap
  • The Card Swap cycle starts on the 1st of each month
  • Matches go out on the 5th
  • You can choose to Make a Friend or Brighten Someone’s Day
  • You can choose the digital option for Christmas in July
  • We’ve had participants from 22 countries and counting
  • You can Opt In or Out each month
  • You get 2 connections each month
  • You can send any kind of card – Download & print, Hand-made, Letters (include photo    examples of these)
  • Many swappers have made “real life” friends and regular pen pals
  • You’ll get reminders to send out your card by the 10th of the month… we know  that #brainfogisreal
  • You must register by the last day of the month to participate in the following month.
  • You have until Midnight (EST) on the 2nd to Opt-In and participate for that month’s card swap.
  • We have our Inaugural Christmas in July holiday card swap coming up soon!

CWC Private Network:

  • We have a private membership network
  • We like to laugh and have fun
  • You’ll never see ads or worry about algorithms
  • You’re not alone 
  • All diagnoses are welcome
  • We encourage posting and sharing just like you’re used to on social media
  • You can connect to members by location and/or illness if you wish
  • We have the most caring members ever
  • We have interest-based clubs: Book Club, Writing Club, Crafting Club, Cooking Club
  • We celebrate our LGBTQ+ members in the Rainbow Squad
  • We have special societies for 13-16 year olds and 16-24 year olds
  • We have dedicated Gaming space (DnD, Minecraft)
  • We start off each day with a little Coffee & Conversation
  • We love to show our gratitude
  • We celebrate what makes us fierce
  • We cheer for each other and those that are special in our lives
  • We like to share the things that make us snicker (laugh)
  • We celebrate the good things
  • We love to share how we’re warrioring each weekend
  • We love to take dance breaks
  • Even though we believe laughter’s the best medicine, sometimes you’ve got to rant
  • We have daily live chats and weekly video/zoom chats
  • We have volunteer opportunities
  • We have non-profit partners and corporate sponsors to help provide scholarships

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