Favorite Quote: "Gravity is your friend."

Eryn’s Angel Crew Celebrates the Life of:

Eryn Hope Bruce


"Gravity is your friend."

A Tribute to My Angel Warrior

Eryn was a bright, sassy girl with a wicked sense of humor who loved pulling pranks. Though her body didn't work the way it should've, her brain was completely normal. She was gifted in school, she was a gifted writer and she loved to read and write fantasy stories. She wasn't shy about what she wanted out of her life and she wasn't shy about calling people out who didn't give her the credit she deserved. She had nicknames for her least favorite nurses (Nursey Know it All, Dingbat, The Appendix). She never failed to make her family and her friends smile.

Lovingly written by: 

Sherri, Eryn's Mom
Age Diagnosed
Forever Age
Congenital hypotonia, scoliosis
Date of Death
Favorite Song:


by Brett Young

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A few of my favorite things:

Favorite Doctor/Hospital: Dr. Samdani, neurosurgeon at Shriners Hospital Philadelphia
Favorite Activity: Swimming
Favorite Flower: Sunflowers
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Forrest Gump / Gilmore Girls
Favorite Super Hero: The Flash
Favorite Hobby: Reading fantasy, writing stories, Making Cookies
Favorite Celebrity: Blake Shelton

This Angel would want you to know:

Just because her body didn't work, don't discount her brain. She can communicate just fine, she is not deaf so you don't have to yell at her, and she is capable of making her own decisions about her life and her health. She wanted to change perceptions of "medically fragile patients" and wanted to be included in all conversations about her health.

Favorite memory with my Angel:

Eryn wanted to dance at her wedding we practiced dancing one night after her shower to a Dan and Shay song called, "From the Ground Up." She was sitting in her bath chair, in her bathrobe and I held her close to me and we swayed back and forth to the music. She said she wanted that to be her first dance song when she got married.


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