From champion show dog to service dog

Artie the service dog


Dog, Collie

Service Dog - Trained

Upstate NY, USA

A little bit about my journey:

My Human's Name


My Human's Diagnosis


My Price Tag

I've been with my Human for

5 months

Sending Love to

Dulebohn dog training, they trained me to be the best service dog for my girl

This is my story:

I am Hannah’s second service dog. After her first service dog retired, Hannah knew it was time to find her a next pup to help her manage her multiple disabilities/chronic illnesses. After being matched with a pup that didn’t work out, Hannah was heartbroken. But then she saw a post about me from my breeder and Hannah knew she had to meet me. Hannah and her Mom went to meet me and fell in love. Hannah didn’t have too many expectations about me becoming a fully trained service dog since I was already 3 and it’s rare to find an adult dog that has the right temperament to be a service dog. But Hannah took a leap of faith anyway and brought me home for a week trial. Let’s just say I was there to stay!! Hannah knew about a service dog trainer who was starting his own program after being with the agency Hannah got her first service dog from. Jeremy is an amazing trainer and they really trust him. Hannah and her family took me to Ohio to be assessed for service dog work and for service dog training if Jeremy thought I had what it would take. Good thing he thought I did! So I stayed for 7 weeks of training and then Hannah and her family came back to train with me and take me home! I’ve been back home for over a week and Hannah says she already can tell a difference in how much I’m helping her. I pick things up when she drops them, I help her manage her anxiety and chronic pain, and much more. I love my new job and I’m always ready to help my girl ❤️

Let’s play 20 questions:

I know I get a treat when I:
I do my commands or tasks correctly
My favorite toy is:
My dragon or ball
My favorite food is
Ham 😂
I’m really proud of these special skills:
Picking things up Hannah drops, doing deep pressure therapy and more!
I know my human needs me when:
When she’s in extra pain or having anxiety
When I want attention, I:
Seek out my girl
My sleeping space is:
Hannah’s bed or on my favorite blanket on the floor
My favorite thing to do is:
Play with my toys and helping Hannah
The hardest thing about my job is:
Not getting distracted by people
I get so excited when:
Hannah picks up my vest and leash
My human laughs hysterically when I:
Try to get Hannah’s retired service dog to play
My human would describe my personality as:
Go with the flow and loving
The most adorable thing about me is:
My ears
The most human-like thing that I do is:
Sleep in a bed
I can’t stand it when my human:
Is in extra pain or is crying
The funniest/craziest thing I ever did is:
Fall in the pool
My biggest quirk is:
Not liking to jump in/out of the car
If I could talk, I would tell my human:
That I love her and she’s my best friend
Follow my story:
teamartieandhannah on Instagram

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