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October 22, 2020

We’re super excited to share that we’ve kicked off our Pups with a Purpose Holiday Card Fundraiser in partnership with!

Here’s how YOU can help! Grab one of these graphics below and text, email, post, share them everywhere!

Dog Moms and Dog Dads LOVE their fur babies AND we’re hoping that they will LOVE spreading holiday cheer from their beloved pet.


spread some holiday cheer graphic
send holiday card to support those with illness
spread some holiday cheer and send a card to make someone happy.
spread some cheer with dog and horse photo
Send a holiday card from your dog in mailbox.
send a card from your fur baby to someone with an illness.
you can choose to send one, donate one.



THANK YOU for sharing our adorable fundraiser with all the dog lovers in YOUR world!! TOGETHER we can fund our programs for 2021. 🎉

Who will YOU send a card to? 🐶📬🎄

invitation to holiday event

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