How to Submit your Warrior Story

May 16, 2020

Hey Warrior,

We’re delighted to have you share your story! Because it is Your Story, there are no right or wrong answers here and you may find that not all questions apply to you. If that’s the case, simply leave them blank.

Need a little help with the open narrative? Here are a few questions/prompts to guide you (again, this is just a guide – use some, all, or none!):

  • Introduce yourself! You may want to include your age, location, whether you’re a student, your job, diagnosis (diagnoses), etc….
  • Short History:
    • when diagnosed
    • when issues started
    • how long to diagnosis or still figuring it out
    • how did you feel when diagnosed?
    • experience with the healthcare system, practitioners, etc…
  • Support: from family, friends, other
  • Interests: hobbies, likes, things that make you smile, etc…
  • Goals: short term or long term
  • Philosophy: how you look at life, how you cope with chronic illness, etc…

Anything unique, interesting, or more on what makes you YOU!

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