How to write your Support Dog/Animal Story 🐕‍🦺

May 27, 2020

Hello Support Animal + your human,

We’re delighted to have you share your story! Because it is Your Story, there are no right or wrong answers here and you may find that not all questions apply to you. If that’s the case, simply leave them blank.

We encourage you to have your human write your story from YOUR point of view… but it is not required. Do whatever works best for you both! 😉

We welcome stories from all animals that support their warrior humans: Service Dogs or animals, Therapy dogs/animals, and Support (emotional or other) dogs/animals.

Need a little help with the open narrative? Here are a few questions/prompts to guide you (again, this is just a guide – use some, all, or none!):

  • Introduce yourself! You may want to include your age, location, whether you have special training or skills, etc. 
  • Short History:
    • when came to live with your human
    • how you assist your human
    • about the special bond you have
  • Interests: things you like to do or a special memory of a time with your human
  • Philosophy: how you look at life 😉

Anything unique, interesting, or more on what makes you YOU!

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