I’m a Lucky Nugget: Who Found Who?

colby_morkie_angelica_illness warrior


Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie mix)

Emotional Support Dog


A little bit about my journey:

My Human's Name


My Human's Diagnosis


My Price Tag

I've been with my Human for

10 years!

Sending Love to

The Doctors and Staff at Magnolia Animal Hospital!

This is my story:

Hi friends! I’m Colby! I case you’re wondering, my nickname is Nugget!

My person is Angelica. She is my forever bestie! She nicknamed me Nugget because I am the color of a chicken nugget! 😂

Here is my story…

I found my person, Angelica, in January 2011. I was just a baby (six months old) when we met. Angelica’s aunt brought me early one winter morning to the Dempsey home.

I was a little scared at first because I didn’t know who my new person was going to be. Once I arrived, I just stayed in my little house until the next day. Angelica wanted to play with me so badly. She fed me and brought me lots a little toys to play with. And guess what!? I finally played with her!

In the years to come the two of us would become the bestest of friends. I know bestest isn’t technically a word, but bestest fits Angelica and I’s relationship! She has been with me though multiple health scares, surgeries and I have been with her through her whole chronic illness journey.

So, who found who?

I would say that I found her, and she found me. We found each other.

And I am forever grateful and blessed for that. 🐾 + 👣 = ❤️

Let’s play 20 questions:

I know I get a treat when I:
Finish playing outside!
My favorite toy is:
My little plush soccer ball and my rope bone chew toy! ⚽️ 🦴
My favorite food is
Meaty morsels with gravy & my Greenies treats! 😋
I’m really proud of these special skills:
I can open my doggy house door all by myself with my paw! 🐾
I know my human needs me when:
She is having a ruff (rough) day. 💜
When I want attention, I:
Bark until someone notices me! 😝
My sleeping space is:
My bed in the living room or on Angelica’s rug in her room. 💤
My favorite thing to do is:
Relax and play outside! ☀️🎾
The hardest thing about my job is:
My human not wanting to play when she’s not feeling well. 😔
I get so excited when:
My human comes home and when I get treats!! 💜
My human laughs hysterically when I:
Run around in a circle for absolutely no reason!
My human would describe my personality as:
Happy, hyper and bubbly! 🥰
The most adorable thing about me is:
My furry face!
The most human-like thing that I do is:
Sit to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner!
I can’t stand it when my human:
Bothers me when I’m sleeping! 😴
The funniest/craziest thing I ever did is:
When I come in the house from outside, I’ll run around in a circle if I’m cold! 🥶
My biggest quirk is:
Sticking my tongue out! 😛
If I could talk, I would tell my human:
I love her and that she’s my favoritest human ever! 😍
Follow my story:
@colbythemorkie on Instagram! 🐶💙🐾

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