May 21, 2020

Hey Warriors,

We hope you are staying safe and stable in these chaotic times. 

This note is to update you on some important temporary changes with regards to the Chronic Warrior Card Swap.

A ripple effect of the pandemic is that many countries are suspending International Mail service – not because it is dangerous, but because of logistics. Find Postal Updates here.

Therefore, for the next couple of months, we will be matching warriors within their own country only. Yay! A chance to meet new warriors in your corner of the globe! 🎉

Additionally, since some countries have suspended ALL snail mail service, we are offering a digital option to those who wish to exchange cards via email

If you wish to Card Swap via email, please click here to update your information.  

If you wish to continue sending snail mail, you do not need to do anything other than click and Opt-In when you get your email on the 1st.

Cheers to each of you! 
Dawn, Denise & Laura

P.S. Want to help us invite new warriors to the June Card Swap? Find our sharable graphics here. 💌

P.P.S. We’re super excited to share that we are doing a Christmas In July themed swap for July! 🎄

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