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Age: 16-24

A little bit about my journey:

My Diagnosis

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Time to Get Diagnosed

2 years

Year I was Diagnosed


Sending Love to

Hospital I'd Recommend

This is my story:

I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at the age of 7 when I got severely ill and was taken to hospital as I was loosing consciousness. The doctor told my parents that if 10 was dead I was a 9 when they brought me in!

I am now at the end of the line in term of medication and have not been in remission for over 6 years but I have never prioritised my health and happiness more in my entire life and I am so much better for it!

IBD can be a long hard battle but it’s our struggles that force us to grow and allows us to appreciate all the good things in life 🌱🌼

As humans we connect through sharing our vulnerabilities so I think this community is just amazing💛

Let’s play 20 questions:

The song that keeps me going is:
Love Yourz- J Cole
I never leave home without my:
My go-to feel better movie is: 
Any disney princess movie
If I was in the hospital, the celebrity I would most love to visit me would be:
Jay shetty
When I need to relax, I:
Have a bubble bath
My favorite food is:
The quote that keeps me going is:
Greatness lies on the other side of fear
When I need a laugh, I:
Hang out with my friends
Meet my pets (or favorite stuffed animal):
My dog Bella!
My hero is:
When I’m having a down day I binge watch:
My favorite book to get lost in is:
I want to be best friends with:
The thing I’m most proud of:
The most wonderfully unexpected thing that has happened to me as a result of this journey is:
The most hilarious thing that has happened to me is:
It really means a lot when someone does this:
My favorite social media account to follow is:
The advice I would give to myself back at the beginning of this journey would be:
You will live a happy full-filling life
Words of encouragement that I’d give to my fellow warriors are
The only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself
Follow my journey: @the.bright.sideee

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