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Dog: Havapoo (Havanese Poodle)

Emotional Support Dog


A little bit about my journey:

My Human's Name


My Human's Diagnosis


My Price Tag

I've been with my Human for

2 years

Sending Love to

This is my story:

Hi, my name is Nikolaj and my human is Aubrey. I am a self-taught emotional support dog. 😄 I don’t have any formal training, but I have an intuition that my human’s family describes as uncanny. For example, I can sense when my human’s vitals are spiking and she’s about to have a panic attack. I will run over and do my best to distract her before it reaches the point of no return. If that happens, I will go and get her mom.

I’m excellent at sensing her stress or sadness or depression. I have specific things I do to help her through each one that are special to her and let her know that I know EXACTLY how she is feeling.

We have lots of fun together, too. I love to make her laugh by running crazily through the house or squeaking my toys incessantly. I get her out of the house by insisting that she take me for a walk. She works hard to train me but sometimes the desire to chase the critters that fly in or come out of the woods by is just too much and off I go!

Let’s play 20 questions:

I know I get a treat when I:
look adorable.
My favorite toy is:
anything that squeaks!
My favorite food is
bananas and soft dog food.
I’m really proud of these special skills:
I can get in the bath on my own.
I know my human needs me when:
she starts crying or her breathing pattern accelerates (panic attack coming).
When I want attention, I:
stare and grumble at my human.
My sleeping space is:
end of my human's bed.
My favorite thing to do is:
walk around the lake.
The hardest thing about my job is:
feeling all my human's emotions.
I get so excited when:
my human is close enough for me to lick her face.
My human laughs hysterically when I:
jump all over the sheets while she's trying to make the bed.
My human would describe my personality as:
aware, loving and cuddly.
The most adorable thing about me is:
my eyes and my love for my toys.
The most human-like thing that I do is:
recognize emotions and then knowing how to comfort people.
I can’t stand it when my human:
feels anxious or unsettled.
The funniest/craziest thing I ever did is:
chase a possum through the dark yard late at night while my human freaked out!
My biggest quirk is:
I wait by the sliding glass door each night for my frog friend to come visit. I paw at the glass and grumble my greetings while the frog looks at me. Every night.
If I could talk, I would tell my human:
how much I love her and that she's very important to me. And that everything is going to be alright.
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