Party Etiquette

Chronic Warrior Society Party & Hang-Out Etiquette

  • Join in ANYTIME during the scheduled time!! Seriously – we don’t mind if you’re a little late or can only jump on for a few minutes. Just do so quietly, please. If we’re in the midst of a game or activity, we’ll include you as soon as we’re onto the next round.


  • Leave whenever you need to! That’s right – we all understand. 🙂 Just give a wave or message the moderator if you want and go rest or do what you have to do. We’ll just be happy we got to see you for a while!


  • Snacks are fine!! But if you crunch as you munch, turn that mic off, please!

  • Interruptions?? Yes, we all have that happen from time to time – again, just turn your mic off until you’re done. (Reminder here – only members get to be online with you unless you have the approval of an administrator.)


  • Dress Code: shorts and skirts must be fingertip length, no hats in class, close-toed…..haha….no, seriously – there’s no big dress code here! Come in your jammies if you want – just be appropriate for all ages and co-ed groups. If you’re not sure what that means, ask mom and dad!


  • Participate at your own pace! If you want to play the games and chat, that’s great! If you’d prefer to just be there and hang out, that’s ok too. Whatever you’re feeling that day – it’s all good.


  • Taking turns talking – this one is tough on these platforms sometimes! Moderators will do their best to involve everyone that wants to participate. However, let’s all try to notice when someone’s tried to break in and say something and give them a chance, ok? Want to say something and no one’s noticed??!! Yikes! Hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, message the moderator and let him/her know.

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