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Chronic WArrior Collective

We’re so happy you found us! 

We work hard to make sure this is a safe, fun, and supportive community – free from judgement and bullying. Please share a bit more about yourself and read over a few of the basic community rules. If we seem like a good fit for you, then submit the form and you’ll get receive access to join the network!

  • (what’s app, social media, cell #)
  • We don’t share this information, it helps us structure our community for our members.
  • Before you join:

    • Be kind and supportive - absolutely no bullying will be tolerated.
    • No sharing of members’ personal information without consent.
    • No solicitation of members is allowed. This includes advertising for other groups, services, products, or fundraisers.
    • Understand that ALL members are chronically ill (just like you). While you’ll get tons of support, no one is able to take responsibility for anyone’s issues other than their own.
    • We’re goofy and often irreverent using humor as a way of coping. We will never laugh at you, only with you!
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