wally emotional support dog


Dog - Cairn Terrier

Emotional Support Dog


A little bit about my journey:

My Human's Name


My Human's Diagnosis


My Price Tag


I've been with my Human for

8 years

Sending Love to

Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue

This is my story:

Wallys story begins in 2012 when his mother( pregnant with him and 8 of his siblings ) and father were rescued from a puppy mill. They were set to be put to sleep but a rescue stepped in and saved them. Every since I met Wally I knew he was special. He not only loves his brother and sisters but he has helped countless rescue dogs I fostered. He also loves people and all animals . His favorite animal is probably turtles, he adores them . While Wally is not yet legally an emotionally support dog he has helped me through many hard times in my life . He has always been there for me. I have quite a few chronic illnesses. The one that he has helped me the most with is my MHE (Multiple Hereditary Extoses) . I have endured 2 very hard surgeries to remove bone tumors from multiple locations in my body in less than one year and he has not left my side. He follows me everywhere and makes sure he is always there for a cuddle and a kiss to make me feel better .

Let’s play 20 questions:

I know I get a treat when I:
Do a doga stretch
My favorite toy is:
My giggler
My favorite food is
I’m really proud of these special skills:
My doga poses, empathy,
I know my human needs me when:
She calls for me
When I want attention, I:
Give the sweetest puppy dog eyes
My sleeping space is:
My parents bed of course on a pillow of luxury .
My favorite thing to do is:
Go on walks, cuddle, give kisses
The hardest thing about my job is:
When she is hurt and there’s nothing I can do about to fix it
I get so excited when:
My mom comes home from work .
My human laughs hysterically when I:
Slap her with my paw with I want more attention .
My human would describe my personality as:
The sweetest dog in the world .
The most adorable thing about me is:
My face and my personality .
The most human-like thing that I do is:
Give huffs and puffs when I’m angry .
I can’t stand it when my human:
Has to go to work or be away from me .
The funniest/craziest thing I ever did is:
Chase a turtle and try to bark at it because it didn’t want to play with me .
My biggest quirk is:
Not getting enough attention .
If I could talk, I would tell my human:
How much I love her .
Follow my story:
Instagram - @laurbarbi3

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