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June 16, 2021

Hello Card Swappers! Here are some fun facts to give you inspiration for writing your own. As you can see, we have quite a diverse and eclectic group of illness warriors! So glad to have you join us!

I am a jeweller so that makes me a total magpie! I love books, arty things, make-up and travelling (when I can). I enjoy trying to keep my plants alive and I couldn’t live without tea!

My favourite animals are zebras, sloths and cats. My favourite colours are blue and turquoise. I have a black and white cat called Flash. I love playing video games, arts & crafts, baking and of course writing snail mail. I also love Harry Potter (my house is Gryffindor). The primary condition I’ve been diagnosed with is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

I love spending time with my family, cuddling with my teacup yorkie, playing Animal Crossing, writing stories and journaling, crafting, and finding new hobbies to spend my never ending free time.

I’m learning to garden and making lots of mistakes! I have two kids – 12 and 14 years old – in the throes of middle school. I have a little dog who loves to play and likes belly rubs and booping my legs.

This October I will be celebrating my 46th wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart! Giving God the glory for our three sons and 5 grandchildren. I love whimsical Flamingos and Gnome decor.

I enjoy doing paper crafts, photography, flower gardening. Love dogs, Starbucks, bird watching. Love baseball. My fav music is REO Speedwagon, Rick Springfield, disco. I love to snuggle in my chair on a cold rainy day and nap.

I have 2 dogs, 1 is a silver sable German Shepard. I had never heard of one before he got Kaedo, he will be 4 next month. I also have a 8 year old Great Dane! He is the most wonderful dog in the world!!!!! He is truly a gentle giant!!  I have 4 grown children and 4 great grandkids!!

I live near Joshua Tree and am part of the LGBTQIA+ community (pansexual). I live with my wife of 8 years and our two dogs. I love painting, bird watching, writing letters, and binge watching shows. My favorites are bobs burgers, new girl, supernatural, or criminal minds. My favorite color is green.

I love all things dogs, coffee and Harry Potter. I have a large Lab-Great Dane named Padfoot. I love true crime, Hallmark Movies, and self-care.

I’m a happy, excitable daydreamer who is in love with life. I adore to draw, write, read, listen to music, play guitar, piano and watch lots and lots of Korean dramas. 🐥 I love every animal especially cats and dogs which I’m also allergic to. Ironic right 🙈 I spend pretty much every moment thinking about art or actually drawing. I love to make friends and to make people’s day even a little bit happier.

Hey! My name is Alex, I’m 19, and from PA! I love to read and write. I am very geeky and adore anything to do with fandoms! Some of my favorite fandoms/things are It by Stephan King, Attack On Titan, Roblox, Left 4 Dead 2, Criminal Minds, and much more! I don’t have any social media, so if you want to stay in touch, you can message me on my discord. Have a great day!!

Hi! Chronic illness wise, I have a plethora of illnesses. I am 32. I love monkeys, and sloths. Along with all animals. I love to learn about anything. Except math 🙂

 My favorite subjects are mental health, and medicine. My favorite color is blue. I love board games. Traveling, especially to hot climates. The cold destroys me. I enjoy comedy a lot. I definitely don’t laugh enough. Helping others is my passion. Thank you so much for all your cards!

I am a sci-fi fantasy nerd, love Dungeons and dragons, Lord of the Rings, all things nerdy. I’m also a video gamer and love musicals. I have a service dog named Chance which you can follow our chronic illness journey at @chancetheservicepup.

I’m a disabled veteran diagnosed with hEDS 20 years after an accident I had while on active duty. I have a Service Dog named Toad. Due to having numerous surgeries, I taught myself to Punchneedle to keep busy. I now have a craft room for the creative zebra in me. I also have a zebra page called Roaorimazebra and Toad has one too, in addition to Instagram pages.

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