Seeking dogs + humans with a heart for those with invisible illness!

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November 11, 2020

Come send a card from your dog (or other fur baby) to cheer someone living with an illness or a fellow dog lover… and help us fund the Chronic Warrior Card Swap for 2021. Send a card or grab a graphic below and help invite other dogs and humans to send a card of their own!

This fundraiser is being hosted by our non-profit partner, Chronic Warriors Org, inc and all donations are tax-deductible.

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Printable Cards for December

Printable Cards for December

Enjoy these cute cat cards by our very own Stephie! 🙂 Here's a graphic that can be saved and emailed. 🙂

Royal Mail Postage Guide

Royal Mail Postage Guide

Special thanks to Naomi of aGirlCalledNaomi blog for putting together this postage guide for our UK card swappers!


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