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for Warriors ages 13-16 &16-24

What is the Chronic Warrior Society? 

Calling chronic warriors ages 13-16 & 16-24… Pick up your Armor, Gather your Arrows, and Enter our not-so-Mythical, but Oh-So-Magical World of Chronic Warriors! In this world, warriors gather virtually to have fun, make friends, hang out, problem-solve, and dream. The Chronic Warrior Society is for ages 16-24 and the Chronic Warrior Junior Society is for ages 13-16. We look forward to welcoming you soon!  

Your Society membership includes:

  • Access to our private, secure network.
  • Access to ongoing chats with other
  • Society members.
  • Access to dedicated gaming servers.
  • Monthly Society zoom hangouts.
  • Monthly coaching sessions. 


We Believe…

that YOU deserve a community of Support and Encouragement

that YOU deserve to Be Heard

there is more to life than a diagnosis (or two or three)

YOU Can Rise Beyond Diagnosis

that YOU have a multitude of Gifts to share

We Believe in YOU!

Rules and Regulations

What we expect from our members:

  • Have FUN!! That’s what this is all about – or mostly, anyway!
  • Sprinkle Kindness Around Like Confetti – every chance you get!
  • Provide support for each other when able. Ok – this is a tricky one!! Providing support means stuff like being nice, sending best wishes, commiserating if needed, and that kind of thing. But –  we can only really be responsible for ourselves, you know? So – if any of you feel you need extra support, please reach out to your House Leader. We’ll gladly see how we can help. 
  • What happens in the Chronic Warrior Society, Stays in the Chronic Warrior Society!! You’ve gotta keep ALL personal information shared in the group PRIVATE. Capiche?! 
  • Connect with others in the group on social media if you want – but only if ok with both of you!

Not allowed in the Society spaces:

  • Don’t  share ANY PERSONAL information from other members outside of parties/hang-outs – we know you’re not planning to do this, but, hey, it’s gotta be said!
  • As much as we all love having more friends, Parties and Hang-Outs  are JUST for Chronic Warrior Society Members! Know someone that wants to join in? Refer them! Seriously – the more the merrier!
  • NO SOLICITING!!! We appreciate everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, but, because we don’t want anyone to feel pressured, no advertising for other groups, services, products, etc… will be allowed without admin approval.
  • Gossiping?? Not in this group!!
  • Bullying?! Oh NO!! Won’t be tolerated ever here!

Apply to Join the Society

Please complete the form and sign below to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Rules & Regulations. You may opt out of the CWS/JCWS/CWC and/or any activity at any time.

*If you are under 16, you must provide a parent email address. We will send a courtesy email to let them know you asked to enroll.

Are you ready to Crush It? 



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