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Coaching helps teens and young adults create a plan to navigate life + school with the unpredictability of long term illness. Adulting is hard enough... Adulting with chronic illness or rare disease is exponentially harder! Having someone on your care team that "gets it" can make all the difference!

This Package will provide a much needed ally to help students with problem-solving, creating realistic action plans, and support in navigating school, friends, roommates, socializing, and more.

The Semester Package Includes:
  • Up to 24 one-on-one sessions
  • Up to 9 half hour "on-call" sessions
  • Weekly text or email check-in (required for students living away from home to make sure the student is doing ok)
  • Optional: quick weekly text chat or email update available to parents upon consent.

Super Important:
*Make sure your student agrees to participate BEFORE buying a package.
*Make sure your student will be able to schedule appointments between 10am - 7pm EST, M-F (limited weekend slots).

PLEASE NOTE: ONCE YOU PURCHASE THIS PACKAGE, You will be be emailed the link to access the scheduling calendar + the Welcome Pack to get you started!

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