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amelia anthony_maximus emotional support dog


Dog: Morkie

Emotional Support Dog

Florida, USA

A little bit about my journey:

My Human's Name


My Human's Diagnosis


My Price Tag

I've been with my Human for

2.5 years

Sending Love to

This is my story:

When I was twelve weeks old, I flew across the country to meet my forever human. Her name was Amelia and though she had sisters, SHE was mine from the start! I was originally brought in to help with PTSD after the tragic loss of her father, but little did I know that a health crisis was looming and that I would play an important role in helping her navigate the last 18 months and her journey for answers.

When I first arrived, we bonded instantly. I was there to support all three sisters, but Amelia and I had an extra-special bond. Perhaps it was a premonition of how much she would need me in the near future.

I take my emotional support job very seriously.  I always know where each sister is, and I will go check their rooms to be sure they are ok. The best is when I gather all the girls together in one giant hug. They tell me how much the love me and I kiss each of them to show that I understand and love them back.

About 18 months ago, Amelia woke up one morning and could not get out of bed. It took over a year to get any specific health  answers and during that time, I was her best friend. She rarely left her bedroom. As you can imagine, it gets pretty lonely in there. If you opened the door you would find us snuggling, sleeping, watching Netflix, scrolling social media, procrastinating doing schoolwork, texting with her friends, or even chatting. I have a specific “talking voice” that is not a bark.  I use it when she speaks to me and I want to answer. We have regular conversations about life, her fears, her angst, her dreams and the future.

She’s an amazing, smart, beautiful and strong human. My deepest hope is that the doctors will soon find answers that get us out of that bedroom and exploring the world (or at least the neighborhood) together again.

Let’s play 20 questions:

I know I get a treat when I:
don't bark
My favorite toy is:
my brother.
My favorite food is
I’m really proud of these special skills:
standing on my back legs, digging and cuddling.
I know my human needs me when:
When I want attention, I:
bark piercingly.
My sleeping space is:
under the bed.
My favorite thing to do is:
go for a car ride.
The hardest thing about my job is:
keeping tabs on where all my humans are. I make rounds to check that everyone is in their bed and then I patrol throughout the night.
I get so excited when:
my mom comes home.
My human laughs hysterically when I:
sit upright like a baby in her arms.
My human would describe my personality as:
loyal and devoted.
The most adorable thing about me is:
my boopable nose and that I love it when my humans gather around me in a giant hug and shower me with love and kisses. I make sure to kiss each one of them.
The most human-like thing that I do is:
I answer questions in my "talking voice" when the family is making important decisions.
I can’t stand it when my human:
The funniest/craziest thing I ever did is:
grab the toilet paper and unrolled it all the way through the house.
My biggest quirk is:
I have to spin in a circle 15 times before I poop in the grass!
If I could talk, I would tell my human:
how perfect she is and how much I adore her!
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